American Blackjack

Go Head-to-Head Against the Dealer and Win Prizes with American Blackjack
Blackjack games available for free play and money may differ in designs and in some aspects of gameplay, but all these, share one critical element ‒the need to defeat the dealer by getting a value close but will not exceed 21. In short, in this game, the player gets head-to-head with the dealer in the quest to achieve the best hand value. There are a number of other important features that every player of American Blackjack should know. For example, this game can be played with 5 hands at the same time, and a blackjack in this variant can play 3:2; the dealer of the game can draw when value is under 16. Also, the objective of the game is just to beat the hand value of the dealer, even if the value will not equate to 21. An understanding of these basic features of the game can help players understand the game and get more from this variant.

Some of the unique features of the game, explained below are:
The game starts with the player holding two cards, and these are given faces up. The dealer also receives the cards, with one of the cards visible to the player. Players are given five options once the cards have been released. The players can double, stand, take the insurance of the split. This is also the time when the dealer of the game will survey the table for the possibility of a blackjack, especially if the card that is shown is an ‘Ace’, or if the card is a ‘10-value’ card, like a Queen or Jack. Now, if the dealer is the one that can achieve a blackjack in the hand, then the players will lose the game. Now, if the player gets the chance at a blackjack, like a 10-value card from the deck and an Ace, then he gets the winnings, and he is paid based on a 3: 2 arrangement. If the dealer shows a value that’s less than 16, it is expected that the dealer of American Blackjack will have to draw. In this game, cards that range from 2 to 10 will retain their values, and the royal faces from the deck of cards will get a value of 10. And if the player gets an Ace, the value stands at 11 or 1.

American Blackjack is one of the most straightforward and entertaining card games around. And with a theoretical payout rate of more than 99 percent, this game can be highly profitable as well!

21 Burn Blackjack

Enjoy Blackjack with a Twist- Play 21 Burn Blackjack
There are a number of card-based games available online, but only a few can rival blackjack in terms of the number of variants that are available for play. This only validates that in terms of gameplay and principle, the game of blackjack is one of the best and engaging. A popular version of this card game is 21 Burn Blackjack, a unique and interesting interpretation of blackjack by Betsoft. As a game designed and offered by Betsoft, 21 Burn Blackjack can only be played on platforms that host the Betsoft software. As a blackjack variant, players who are interested to check out the game will discover that this is actually a multi-hand game, where three hands can be played. And the biggest difference with this game is that players are given the chance to ‘burn a card’, which means that an outcome can be changed in an instant. For the purpose of this game, the site will use six decks, using the rules that normally apply to the Las Vegas Strip version. Also, players of 21 Burn are given the chance to double up the initial pair of cards, and split the cards once.

Playing 21 Burn
With six decks as the basis of play, the players interested to check the game should remember a few basic tips. For example, the dealer of this game can hit a ‘soft 17’, a blackjack winner comes with even money, splitting is allowed once, and players cannot surrender. When playing this game, players may submit the ‘Burn’ bet, provided that the initial hand has been checked, and that the dealer’s card is already up. And in this game, a 10 and an Ace are considered blackjack.

There is a specific pay-table for burn cards that should be checked when playing this game. For example, if the player’s burn card is an ‘Ace of spades’, then it will pay 7 to 1. If the burn bets are the rest of ‘Aces’, then the game pays 2 to 1. For the remaining cards used as burn bet, then this is considered a loss for the player.

Playing the Burn card
Playing the burn card in this blackjack version is risky, so it is recommended that players should be cautious and should adopt a playing strategy. For example, established players suggest that the card can be burned, provided that the initial card is at 7, the second is an 8 or even 9, and the dealer’s piece is 7. With this good advice, why not try a hand?

21 + 3 Blackjack

Experience a Profitable Card Game Combo With 21+3 Blackjack
For many casino and table players, blackjack is considered one of the best and thrilling card games around, offering players a chance to test their skills. But what if this game is revamped and combined with another card-based game, like Three Card Poker? What players get is an entertaining game that combines the best features of these two card-based games and better opportunities for winnings. This card game offers players with a chance to play the side bet, which can offer a possible winnings of up to 100x the wager set. The game’s side bet will compute the player’s winnings based on the two initial cards, plus the up card of the game’s dealer.

Gameplay to expect
The idea behind this card game is to beat the hand value of the dealer by creating a hand value that is near but will not top 21. This is one of the elements of the game that is shared with the traditional blackjack that can be played online. To start playing this exciting card game, the interested player should decide on the bet. Keep in mind that in Blackjack 21, a wager is a requirement, but the player’s 3-card bet is not a must. Once the wager has been set in the game, the player will get two cards, these cards are displayed face up. The dealer of this game also gets a card, face up. Now, if the player decides on a 3-card wager, and the initial 3 cards deliver a winning value, then the player will immediately enjoy the winnings.

In this game, the winnings can be enjoyed provided the ideal combinations can be earned in the game. The most valuable combination is called the ‘suited three-of-a-kind’. This simply refers to three cards with similar suit and rank. In the context of playing this game, a sample winning combo means getting three queens, or cards with the same numbers, like threes. Another winning combo that a player can create is a ‘straight flush’, which refers to a collection of three cards arranged in rank. There is also the popular ‘three-of-a-kind’, which means that a player can win provided the cards are in similar rank, but in different suits. The other combos that can be formed include flush and straight.

With a payout percentage of more than 99 percent, this card game from WagerWorks gives players and table game enthusiasts more reasons to play the game and test their limits!