21 + 3 Blackjack

Experience a Profitable Card Game Combo With 21+3 Blackjack
For many casino and table players, blackjack is considered one of the best and thrilling card games around, offering players a chance to test their skills. But what if this game is revamped and combined with another card-based game, like Three Card Poker? What players get is an entertaining game that combines the best features of these two card-based games and better opportunities for winnings. This card game offers players with a chance to play the side bet, which can offer a possible winnings of up to 100x the wager set. The game’s side bet will compute the player’s winnings based on the two initial cards, plus the up card of the game’s dealer.

Gameplay to expect
The idea behind this card game is to beat the hand value of the dealer by creating a hand value that is near but will not top 21. This is one of the elements of the game that is shared with the traditional blackjack that can be played online. To start playing this exciting card game, the interested player should decide on the bet. Keep in mind that in Blackjack 21, a wager is a requirement, but the player’s 3-card bet is not a must. Once the wager has been set in the game, the player will get two cards, these cards are displayed face up. The dealer of this game also gets a card, face up. Now, if the player decides on a 3-card wager, and the initial 3 cards deliver a winning value, then the player will immediately enjoy the winnings.

In this game, the winnings can be enjoyed provided the ideal combinations can be earned in the game. The most valuable combination is called the ‘suited three-of-a-kind’. This simply refers to three cards with similar suit and rank. In the context of playing this game, a sample winning combo means getting three queens, or cards with the same numbers, like threes. Another winning combo that a player can create is a ‘straight flush’, which refers to a collection of three cards arranged in rank. There is also the popular ‘three-of-a-kind’, which means that a player can win provided the cards are in similar rank, but in different suits. The other combos that can be formed include flush and straight.

With a payout percentage of more than 99 percent, this card game from WagerWorks gives players and table game enthusiasts more reasons to play the game and test their limits!

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