21 Burn Blackjack

Enjoy Blackjack with a Twist- Play 21 Burn Blackjack
There are a number of card-based games available online, but only a few can rival blackjack in terms of the number of variants that are available for play. This only validates that in terms of gameplay and principle, the game of blackjack is one of the best and engaging. A popular version of this card game is 21 Burn Blackjack, a unique and interesting interpretation of blackjack by Betsoft. As a game designed and offered by Betsoft, 21 Burn Blackjack can only be played on platforms that host the Betsoft software. As a blackjack variant, players who are interested to check out the game will discover that this is actually a multi-hand game, where three hands can be played. And the biggest difference with this game is that players are given the chance to ‘burn a card’, which means that an outcome can be changed in an instant. For the purpose of this game, the site will use six decks, using the rules that normally apply to the Las Vegas Strip version. Also, players of 21 Burn are given the chance to double up the initial pair of cards, and split the cards once.

Playing 21 Burn
With six decks as the basis of play, the players interested to check the game should remember a few basic tips. For example, the dealer of this game can hit a ‘soft 17’, a blackjack winner comes with even money, splitting is allowed once, and players cannot surrender. When playing this game, players may submit the ‘Burn’ bet, provided that the initial hand has been checked, and that the dealer’s card is already up. And in this game, a 10 and an Ace are considered blackjack.

There is a specific pay-table for burn cards that should be checked when playing this game. For example, if the player’s burn card is an ‘Ace of spades’, then it will pay 7 to 1. If the burn bets are the rest of ‘Aces’, then the game pays 2 to 1. For the remaining cards used as burn bet, then this is considered a loss for the player.

Playing the Burn card
Playing the burn card in this blackjack version is risky, so it is recommended that players should be cautious and should adopt a playing strategy. For example, established players suggest that the card can be burned, provided that the initial card is at 7, the second is an 8 or even 9, and the dealer’s piece is 7. With this good advice, why not try a hand?

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