American Blackjack

Go Head-to-Head Against the Dealer and Win Prizes with American Blackjack
Blackjack games available for free play and money may differ in designs and in some aspects of gameplay, but all these, share one critical element ‒the need to defeat the dealer by getting a value close but will not exceed 21. In short, in this game, the player gets head-to-head with the dealer in the quest to achieve the best hand value. There are a number of other important features that every player of American Blackjack should know. For example, this game can be played with 5 hands at the same time, and a blackjack in this variant can play 3:2; the dealer of the game can draw when value is under 16. Also, the objective of the game is just to beat the hand value of the dealer, even if the value will not equate to 21. An understanding of these basic features of the game can help players understand the game and get more from this variant.

Some of the unique features of the game, explained below are:
The game starts with the player holding two cards, and these are given faces up. The dealer also receives the cards, with one of the cards visible to the player. Players are given five options once the cards have been released. The players can double, stand, take the insurance of the split. This is also the time when the dealer of the game will survey the table for the possibility of a blackjack, especially if the card that is shown is an ‘Ace’, or if the card is a ‘10-value’ card, like a Queen or Jack. Now, if the dealer is the one that can achieve a blackjack in the hand, then the players will lose the game. Now, if the player gets the chance at a blackjack, like a 10-value card from the deck and an Ace, then he gets the winnings, and he is paid based on a 3: 2 arrangement. If the dealer shows a value that’s less than 16, it is expected that the dealer of American Blackjack will have to draw. In this game, cards that range from 2 to 10 will retain their values, and the royal faces from the deck of cards will get a value of 10. And if the player gets an Ace, the value stands at 11 or 1.

American Blackjack is one of the most straightforward and entertaining card games around. And with a theoretical payout rate of more than 99 percent, this game can be highly profitable as well!

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